December 31, 2016


2016 - Pretty shitty for a lot of reasons. Bernie Sanders is not going to be the leader of the free world, and I lost David Bowie and Carrie Fisher, they were practically family. War and injustice have continued to ruin peoples’ lives on earth, whilst animals are still disrespected, poached, tested on. I won’t go into details, but let’s face it, the world is still a very inhumane place, and there are too many assholes roaming through every single country. But there are also good people, and there are many reasons to believe that there are more good people than bad people. And those continued to fight for the rights of humans, animals and our planet in 2016, and in some cases, they have even succeeded. I just hope more of that will happen in 2017 - people coming together across the planet to fight against corruption, injustice, stupidity, hate, and all that jazz. People have the power! 

For me, this year has taught me a lot about myself and who I am. I have continued to struggle with chronic illness, but have also been able to overcome some anxiety associated with my physical ailments. I have come closer to accepting my flaws and past mistakes, I have learned how to forgive and show no resentment to anyone or anything. I completely freed myself from seeking emotional dependence on other people and have learned to appreciate past slip-ups for what they are - learning experiences. Sometimes, you have to make the same mistake three or four times to realize you can do better - and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 

2017? I hope to reconnect with people who I don’t contact enough, cherish the friendships I made this year, spend more time with my family and pets… I will try to engage in a more thoughtful, environmentally aware and sustainable lifestyle, work out, stay fit, eat healthy, breathe, and look forward. In less than two months, I’ll be 30, and perhaps this is the first year where I finally feel like an adult. You know, one of those people who have stuff figured out.

Tonight I will stay on my couch - it’s a first. I bought some fizzy wine, I will drink it out of the only Martini glass I own, then light some candles, watch more Tom Hanks movies, and cuddle the cats. I hope everyone out there with pets will keep them safe tonight, New Years Eve can be traumatizing for our furry friends. I wish everyone the strength and enthusiasm one needs to survive 2017, or maybe even make the best of it. Stay safe and beautiful. 

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