February 20, 2011


 I am almost finished reading JUST KIDS and realized how much Patti Smith makes me feel less like a fool. It's been four months since I turned into someone else. The other day I found 16 $ on Marcy Avenue. That happened sometime before, about a year ago on Johnson Street, 16$ on the ground, next to the trash bins. I forgot what I bought with the money from Johnson St., but this time I bought a full meal and a book with French poetry, which I despise. It didn't make any sense, but it made me feel good. And then I turned to Patti and felt understood.

Particularly this part stuck with me, so I wrote it down:

February 02, 2011


Back in Brooklyn these days, I can see a remarkable improvement of my life and happiness. I am sitting at the Colador Cafe on Bedford Avenue, together with a friend who I recently made. They are playing Coldplay and Latinopop din. I believe I feel content. My house is on the other side of the street. Two of my three roommates are Turks. One of them has a German girlfriend, which is quite pleasant to know. I haven't spoken German with someone face to face in a very long time. Last thing I remember was the laundromat coin exchanging machine telling me to "remove my card" after I pressed the 'in German' option (Bitte entfernen Sie Ihre Karte!). That was incredible. 

Once upon a time... in America...: