November 29, 2010

Brooklyn To Manhattan

This week I am moving from East Williamsburg, Brooklyn to my new apartment on the Upper East Side in Manhattan. I am very excited, because this is almost like a dream come true. I remember being a young teenager and wanting to live in New York and go to school here and go running in Central Park every morning. Thankfully my new apartment is just two blocks away from that fantasy. Today I looked at a few old photos of New York and fell in love with the city once again.

 I'm gonna be really fit.

November 02, 2010

This Weeks SUPER INs and SUPER OUTs

Super IN
Arizona Iced Tea with Peach Flavor
Mini Oreos
New York Magazine Crossword
Dating in Park Slope
Contemplation about adopting Kittens
Stereotyping in the Cafeteria
Roosevelt Island
Ice cold shower baths in the dark
Walking anywhere

Super OUT
Dating in Williamsburg
Plastic Cigarettes
Panda House
Any soft/tea/hipster drink that costs more than $2.99
Doing other peoples homework
The beach
Apartment hunting in New York City
Slippery Shoes

I also was very intrigued to find this on my desktop yesterday morning:

It's going to be a great month.