January 17, 2011


It's been a while since I watched this movie, but I think I'll pour some wine now and enjoy the madness. Here are some screenshots for you.

January 06, 2011


I decided since all my friends are making Top 10 lists about their favorite albums of the year, and since I am a film student and also unfortunately don't like music (except for the very relaxing elevator tunes that are played in my school's cafeteria day in and out), I will make a Top 10 with my favorite movies of the year.

The best movies (out of the ones I've seen):

1 Blue Valentine My life.
2 Black Swan - Perfection.
3 True Grit - Everything a Coen brothers movie needs, plus some tears from my side.
4 I Love You, Philip Morris - Most original.
5 Cyrus - Yet another Duplass hit.
6 Exit Through the Gift Shop - Hilarious.
7 Life During Wartime - Lovely.
8 How Do You Know - Paul Rudd made the movie. His best performance to date. 
9 Youth In Revolt - Michael Cera's best performance to date..
10 She's Out of My League - Yes, I think it was really funny. Excuse me, are you a plane doctor?

Where did Inception go? Where did The Social Network go? Who cares.
I have to admit there is still a list of movies that I haven't seen yet, like Somewhere, It's Kind of A Funny Story, Howl, 127 Hours, Enter The Void, etc.
My Top 10 is rather odd. I am happy with it though.

The worst movies (out of the ones I've seen):

1 I'm Still Here - Minus one point for Mr. Affleck.
2 The Killer Inside Me - Minus two points, Casey!
3 Devil - Yeah, it was scary, but I forgot about it right away.
4 Valentine's Day - Let's put everyone famous into an adaption of a dime novel.
5 Unstoppable - Chris Pine and Denzel were awesome, but the rest kind of sucked dick.

. good year it was . good year .


January 01, 2011


My night kind of went like this:

10.06 PM, Drew - Happy old year... for now.
00.05 AM, Joey - Hope 2011 is the best of your life!
00.12 AM, Maddy - Happy new years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
00.19 AM, Alex - Happy new year anna!
00.27 AM, Jonathan - anna +1 US is it true. i didn't get any replies texting to the german no. so youre quite a bit after Brisbane and Sthlm but u got there. can i please call u to say stewardess-happy-new-year!
00.27 AM, Eric - Xxoo
00.29 AM, Jonathan - .
00.29 AM, Eugene - Same to you :)
00.29 AM, Rory - Happy New Year, girleen!
00.31 AM, Jonathan - please call/text me. dear.est
00.37 AM, Phil - Back at ju
00.41 AM, Enrico - Thank u! Happy New Year !!
00.41 AM, Maddy - Love you too, Anna
00.41 AM, Enrico - I love MajiC.
00.41 AM, James - Happy New Years Anna
00.43 AM, Jorge - Mass text?!?!?! I feel so insignificant!
00.44 AM, Colin - Happy New Year Anna
00.44 AM, Greg - Happy new year =D
00.45 AM, Jason - Happy new year! Toot toot!
00.45 AM, Brian - Happy new year! I'm almost done here. I'm in Manhattan. What are you up to
00.47 AM, Bryan - If you ever come to California you got spots to stay and friends for days!
00.49 AM, Jonathan - Anna. truly happy new year. get back to me. i miss u
00.49 AM, Harold - Thx!
00.49 AM, Bryan - Anna!!! I love you so much even though I've barely known you!!! The night is ealy here so no "oh wells" but I wish you the best. Sweetest girl!!
00.52 AM, Adam - U too dear!
00.53 AM, Josh - Happy new
00.54 AM, Unknown - Haha.
01.05 AM, Chi - Happy new years ladies
01.08 AM, Alejandro - Hey. Have a great new year!
01.11 AM, Gary - Happy new years
01.15 AM, Chris - Who are you
01.16 AM, Chris - Asshole
01.18 AM, Chris - And what the fuck do you want from me?
01.20 AM, Noah - You too, little Mr. Ghost. Happy 2011. Sorry I missed your Xmas message. Was in Jamaica.
01.24 AM, Catlyn - Happy new year! X
01.30 AM, Alex S. - Same to you! Meet up next week maybe?
01.33 AM, Chris -  : p
01.39 AM, James S. - Thank you and happy new yuear to u too : )
01.41 AM, Dylan - Happy new year
03.09 AM, Brad - appy new year!
04.36 AM, Enrico - I want to hear ur voice, it's beautiful, xoxo I'll call u soon
04.51 AM, Brian - why no brunch tomorrow?
05.04 AM, Brian - ? Good.
05.05 AM, Luke - Happy magic new years lights and crystals plus constellations to you, Anna my Germanic frriend!
10.12 AM, Jorge - I think I was too drunk last night to put together who this was. Happy New Year to you too. How're you feeling today?
12.24 PM, Lue - Happy new years
02.11 PM, Jelani - Happy New Years To All....  Have A Very Successful And Enjoyable New Years But Most Of All... Be Safe
04.11 PM, Christopher - Anna, wishes of magic for you as well in 2011!
04.16 PM, Lue - Happy new years
04.35 PM, Lue - Wass ya facebook? Need to add u

The End.