September 22, 2010

Here is some LINDA MANZ appreciation time.

Linda Manz is by far one of the greatest actresses of all time. If you haven't seen "Out of the Blue" or "Days of Heaven", you should do that right away, and then you can also watch "Gummo", even if you are not a Harmony Korine fan, Manz does give a great performance in this movie. That said, "Days of Heaven" is also in my Top 10 of most beautifully shot movies ever. Now, appreciate:

September 21, 2010

Vada Sultenfuss

Who was your style icon when you were ten years old? 

Mine was Vada Sultenfuss. I give you a collection of screencaps with her outfits throughout the movie "My Girl". 

(One more thing said: I just watched the 30 ROCK episode that Anna Chlumsky was in... I must say, she still is very pretty and looks just the same. It is really funny how some people don't lose their face. Like literally. I had 3 faces in my life already. At age 22 I went back to having the face I had when I was 3. It's hilarious...)
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September 10, 2010

This is about things I like.

My name is Anna Conrad. I am a 23 year old German female with a lot of interests. Right now, I'm a student for broadcast journalism in New York. At some point in my life, I was a bartender, singer, trade fair admission supervisor, dj, photographer, singer, musician, acting agents' assistant, photographer's assistant, coat check girl, theater actress, tambourine player, nanny, and a bunch of other things.

There is a tremendous amount of things that I like to do.

I want to make movies.
I am a collector of many things.
I like discovering treasures.
I make collages.
I write postcards and letters.
I receive postcards and letters.
I do screen printing.
I make drinks.
I do watercolors.
I do acrylic art.
I sew stuffed animals.
I bake cakes.
...and a lot of other things.

What is this blog going to be about? I want to make another collection. A collection of things, that I truly like. It is easier this way, trust me. Write me, if you have questions. And because this is supposed to be somewhat personal as well, here is a photograph of me

 on a trip through Eastern Europe with my parents and our VW Passat, somewhat around 1994: