November 06, 2011


Ten years ago, this movie came out in Germany, and I watched it, and it became my absolute favorite at the time. About a year later, on my long way home from high school, I was waiting for the bus in a gray small town not far from where I lived, when some girl, who was also waiting, asked for my name. She seemed nice, and her name was Sarah, which is a nice name, so I talked to her. About two minutes later she asked me what my favorite movie was. "Crazy/Beautiful", I said, and she screamed "That's my favorite movie too!", from then on we were best friends. The film is great, if you are a girl of any age, you will love it, and look at the pictures, so nineties, wow. I remember how I wanted my very own Jay Hernandez. And in German, the film is called "Verrückt/Schön"...

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